Monday, April 10, 2017

Summative Task

Learners' understood that the best way to contribute to the society is by improving themselves. fulfilling their responsibilities keeping in mind the rights. They worked on the case studies provided to them and made an action plan to find out the best possible solution to the problem after identifying it through the lens of child rights. They analyzed and compared child rights and responsibilities through Case Study. They researched and find out which Child Rights are being disrespected. Further they wrote a letter to an adult (close relative or teacher) or an organization that protects Children’s Rights so that they can be informed about the situation of this child. Learners came  up with some authentic and realistic action plan showed commitment, with the aim to take action and create awareness.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rights and Responsibilities

Learners' further inquired about the Fundamental Rights and Duties moral obligations of all citizens to help promote a spirit of patriotism and to uphold the unity of India. They further discussed and researched Child Rights and Human Rights and listed them in a creatively designed booklet. They took up They took up case studies and discussed the rights of children being violated and suggested some solutions for the same.

Monday, April 3, 2017

A responsible citizen - Ms Janak Palta

Learners researched about Padamshree awardee Ms Janak Palta, a responsible citizen of Indore, and wrote a biography of her. They got an opportunity to meet her personally which inspired them to be a responsible citizen in some or the other way by contributing the society. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Guest Speakers - Mr Thomas Putez and Mrs Jayashree Nilak

Learning something new from a person who has experienced it or knowing more about a topic from someone else perspective in an interesting and interactive way are some of the benefits of guest lectures in the class room. The learners got benefited by the parent guest speakers - Mr Thomas Putez and Mrs Jayashree Nilak in two different lectures.The guest lectures proved to be very informative, it enhanced their educational experience and helped learners build important connections with the real world.
Mr Thomas Puetz,  shared rights, responsibilities and privileges of being a citizen of Germany. He discussed the benefits of being a citizen of European Union and the reasons why some of the countries like India do not allow dual citizenship. The learners enhanced their understanding of the terms -  EU, dual and global citizenship, OCI, Green Card etc.
Mrs Jayashree Nilak, being a resident of America shared the rights, privileges and duties of US citizen. This aided them compare and contrast the fundamental rights and duties of Indian citizen with that of US citizen.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

3D Nets

Learning about 3D shapes provided opportunities for a lots of hands on engagements. They started with checking their prior knowledge by drawing 2D and  3D shapes, they discussed the differences between the two and examples of 3 D shapes in real life context. Moving further they gained knowledge about vertices, edges, faces, and sides. They enjoyed cutting and pasting paper of 3D nets to make 3D shapes. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Area & Perimeter

Learners tuned into the topic Area and Perimeter through some fun filled learning engagement. they demonstrated their prior knowledge through legos and wrote definition of area and perimeter, through Frayer's model, as per their understanding. They moved further with perimeter of regular and irregular figures through worksheets and online practice sums. By tracing the shape of a leaf on the graph paper they learnt to find the area of irregular shapes. 

Citizenship - Rights and Responsibilities

Learners' inquired into rights and responsibilities of citizen through various learning engagements. They understood the importance of rights and responsibilities and the difference between the two. They came to know about what it means to be a citizen at different levels and having citizenship of a country/nation. They comprehended 'Responsibilities of Citizen' to know in detail about responsibilities of an US citizen and  reflected on their understanding through various questions.